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roast_lamb's Journal

BellaBashers Unite!
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So you don't like Bella?
Don't worry then, you've come to the right place. This community is the brainchild of bravenewyou and cuban_sombrero who noticed how much Bella bashing was occurring in various Twilight comms. Hence, roast_lamb was born. Have you written an essay about why Bella irritates you so much? Wondered why Edward and Jacob both put up with her? Wished Dear Eddie had just let her get hit by Tyler's car? Then this is your place.

Rules & the Like
♥ Be respectful. If you do like Bella, that's fine. We appreciate that people have different opinions, but there is no need for comments like "ZOMG, STOP THE BELLA HATE YOU HORS." I'm sure there's a community somewhere that appreciates Bella.
♥ Keep the spam posts to a minimum. Feel free to advertise, sure, but if you want us to recognise your community, just message one of the mods and we'll make you an affiliate.
♥ Fic, icons, etc. are totally allowed, but keep in mind that we're here to snark at Bella so these things would work best if geared toward that. There are plenty of other places to post fiction/icons that flail over Bella and her many ships. The only ship we flail of is Bella and the fail!ship.
♥ Have fun. This is in no way srs bsns, ok.

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